What is CEE GSAC?

The CEE Graduate Student Advisory Committee (commonly referred to as CEE GSAC, Civil GSAC, or GSAC), is comprised of one student from each sub-discipline within Civil and Environmental Engineering. The committee members serve as the voice of graduate students to the department head (Dr. Ana Barros) and associate head for graduate affairs (Dr. Scott M. Olson). GSAC members meet regularly to discuss concerns and feedback from students, as well as make recommendations to the department on topics such as student involvement, graduate student handbook regulations, and more. Once per semester, GSAC and the associate head hold a meeting for all graduate students to come share their opinions, and discuss any changes in progress or upcoming events.

Typical GSAC events include happy hours, socials, and information sessions with students. GSAC partners with other organizations as well to promote college wide events, or to host departmental events such as international potlucks. GSAC members often assist with departmental recruitment events.

CEE GSAC Fall 2019 Social at Legends